I’m back – AGAIN!

runninglow-1024x536Where have I been for 4 years. Oh my! I can’t believe I’ve not posted to sifty for this long.

Well I kind of stopped cooking new things. Freya and I bought a house in Birmingham, moved off the boat and have been busy doing a major house renovation. No time for exciting blogging about food.

Well of course there was time, I just got really distracted. I ended my 17 year long tenure at Ocado Technology and went to work for myself doing IT Consultancy.

And how the world has changed. Now we are all stuck inside, and my appetite for cooking is back – as is the time available to photograph it – and blog about it – and tell you all the fun things I’ve been up to!

So this is just a test post to make sure everything still works, that I remember how to use WordPress, and that I get all my notifications as expected.

Watch this space for more yummy food – and thank you for coming back!

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