Hot Chocolate with Cashew


Hot chocolate is our ‘go to bed’ drink pretty much every other day. I tend to dabble with a variety of made up recipes. Lately the one that’s been working for me includes Green and Black’s Cocoa Powder, Twinings Hot Chocolate Powder, Hazelnut milk, and right at the end when it’s hot I squirt in some Carnation Condensed Milk. It’s a delight!

This recipe – from Honestly Healthy calls for one of my ‘specialist’ ingredients – not that specialist – I just couldn’t get it on Ocado. 

For this hot chocolate you blend coconut milk, raw cacao powder (I got mine from amazon), raw cashew nuts and agave syrup until it is smooth – then you simply heat it.

My blender didn’t blend the nuts too well so it was a bit grainy. I think I’ll pop over to my mother in laws and blitz a kilo of cashews in her Thermomix – as that amazing device will reduce anything to a powder.

This was really tasty – just a shame about the bits in the bottom of the mug.

Here’s a picture of my not so healthy Hot Chocolate – topped with mini marshmallows that I got for Christmas this year.

Naughty Hot Chocolate

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