Wild Mushroom Quinoa ‘Risotto’


Here’s an interesting ‘risotto’ from Honesty Healthy. 

Essentially the risotto rice is replaced with Quinoa – but the principle of making it is the same.

Quinoa is an amazing ingredient. Most people think it is a grain – but its actually a seed. It is packed with protein and omega-3 so it makes so much sense to substitute it for rice whenever you can.

This risotto is pretty sparse on ingredients – apart from the quinoa and stock, you only add mushrooms and goats cheese. And when you are ready to serve you pour over a parsley butter – that’s it!

I was a little disappointed with how mine turned out as I couldn’t really taste the goats cheese that you add at the end – and my mushrooms were tiny – so the dish didn’t look as impressive as I would have liked.

I do think the quinoa probably needed cooking a bit longer that I did – to make it more gloopy and soft. Some of the quinoa was a bit firm and something in the dish was gritty – maybe it was in the mushrooms – I’m not sure.

That said – it was very tasty. It tasted like a genuine risotto – not just a poor imitation. The parsley butter was essential; it lifted the dish and made everything more tasty.

I’ll definitely make it again – just with some nicer wild mushrooms and maybe a tastier goats cheese.

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