Eating out when you’re a Vegetarian

When I started dating Freya we would quite regularly go out to eat with Freya’s parents.

Now, at the time only Freya’s mum was a vegetarian and we would always try and find places to eat that had a good vegetarian menus. This was harder than we could imagine.

With the possible exception of ‘Incanto’ in Harrow on the Hill and ‘Vanilla Black’ in Clerkenwell (you really must go to these places once you’ve saved up the money) there really isn’t much to choose from. Apparently ‘The Gate’ in Notting Hill is good too but I’ve not been there.

We have been to so many restaurants and failed. There’s usually one starter, one main and of course all the desserts. But why? It just doesn’t make sense. 

If you’ve looked at anything else on this blog you’ll see there is so much you can do with so few ingredients – so why is it always soup, souffle or some tart or other.

If I ever want a change of lifestyle – and win the lottery – I’ll be doing my best to stop this!

For now – we just stay in – and enjoy my cooking. Freya says she’d rather stay in and eat my cooking any day rather than go out. Unless it’s Vanilla Black. Eek !!!! 

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