My Kitchen

I don’t really have the conventional kitchen. Most people would expect that I have a fancy oven and all the gadgets that come with it. But I don’t.

Freya and I live in a converted garage that didn’t get proper planning permission. Consequently the garage to house conversion ended up being a living room and a bedroom. No kitchen! So I made one. Sort of…

We had some old IKEA bedroom stuff knocking about so I constructed a base from this, then I added some ‘legs’ on top of the base – and then a desktop balanced on the legs. It kinda works – check IKEAHacks for other ideas!

As for appliances – all we have is:

  • A combination microwave oven
  • A round Andrew James Halogen Oven
  • A portable induction ring
  • A Magimix

That’s it for appliances!

So when you see me cooking in a linear fashion – and not multitasking – it’s because I can’t. I only have one ring and the confines of a halogen glass bowl!

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