Bunny Chow

Bunny Chow

Like most people I guess lockdown had a profound effect on your life too.

Where I thought I’d have all the time in the world and would spend all my extra time not commuting instead cooking, this just didn’t happen.

Apathy took hold, enthusiasm was lacking and I probably spent most of the last year recooking things I’d had before. I was far from inspired, didn’t buy any new cookbooks, and upped my intake of takeaways to take away the boredom and monotony.

On went the weight; that three stones I lost went back on (I think! I haven’t weighed myself) and the meat intake increased massively as it became harder and harder to get all the ingredients I wanted to cook the vegetarian and vegan stuff I enjoyed.

That said, my wife managed to make 40+ new breads, including this standard loaf which is perfect for a Bunny Chow – or in this case a Vegetarian Chow.

Bunny Chow is a cheap curry from South Africa, usually using cheap cuts. You hollow out half a loaf, fill it with a curry, and the bread acts as your substitute for rice.

Any curry will do – so I won’t go into it. This time we had an amazing Saag Aloo with it – which I will go into in another post.

Here’s hoping I can get my mojo back now that Lockdown is almost over and normality is approaching, and that I will post more than once a year going forward.

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