Chickpea and Sweet Potato Beta Bake

This dish comes courtesy of Dale Pinnock – The Medicinal Chef. Having worked pretty hard digging out and creating a new path in my mums garden I was pretty whacked. Even a lovely chicken roast dinner wasn’t enough. I needed more food.

When we got home I threw this together. It’s pretty straightforward – not dissimilar to a Shepherd’s Pie.

Under the mashed Sweet Potato (picture above) is your base of chickpeas, red onions, garlic, wilted spinach and some sun dried tomato paste. On top of the mash is some blue cheese.

In hindsight more cheese would have been awesome – but it was pretty late so I probably did the right thing.


Sweet Potato and Spinach Curry

I need to make a resolution to keep this food blog up to date. It’s been too long. Again ! What’s wrong with me. It’s not like I haven’t been cooking. If you saw the size of my belly lately you’d know this for sure!

April resolution – sort the blog out! So I apologise in advance if I over-blog during the next few days – clearing the backlog of food things I have made in the last 2 months!

This curry is from The Medicinal Chef. It’s incredibly easy and for once I under spiced it. Freya isn’t a hug fan of things with fresh ginger so I toned it down a bit and, although nice, I think it needed a bit more kick. 

I have a number of dishes planned from this book – mainly vegetarian – and am hoping that a combination of these very healthy meals and my return to the gym will help me lose a bit of weight so that I don’t look like the porker I did at Resistanz 2016 last week!