Turkish Bread and Roasted Vegetables

Looks like I haven’t been cooking again doesn’t it! It’s been ages since I blogged about some food. 

This dish comes from a new cookbook that was recommended to me from my friend Ali at work. The book is New Feast: Modern Middle Eastern Vegetarian by Greg Malouf and there are some quite amazing recipes in there!

This recipe could be considered time consuming as one of the ingredients is some slow roasted tomatoes that are from another recipe in the book. The tomatoes are supposed to be slow roasted for 3-5 hours until they dehydrate and the flavours intensify. I didn’t have time for that so I did a speedier version – only roasting them for 90 minutes. 

What makes the tomatoes so flavoursome is a marinade of sumac, pomegranate molasses, sherry vinegar and Harissa. They tasted amazing after 90 minutes. I imagine they’d be absolutely incredible after 5 hours!

I kind of cheated all round with this recipe. I’d committed to making it and hadn’t really r ad the recipe thoroughly in advance (very unlike me) so I had to improvise and cut corners. 

The recipe also calls for a Turkish red pepper paste – another recipe from the book – but I just bought a jar of the stuff from my local Syrian shop. I’ll do it properly next time. 

Essentially this recipe is just roasted longhorn peppers, baby courgettes, shallots and the slow roast tomatoes tossed together with diced ciabatta that has been pan roasted in butter and the red pepper paste. But that does rather oversimplify what is actually an amazing collection of intense flavours brought out from slow roasting. 

For example, there is a sauce that is made by roasting garlic which you then mash with capers, sherry vinegar and the juices from the pan you roasted all your vegetables in. It’s quite amazing and I’ll probably make that sauce on its own to have with a variety of other things. 

I was very late serving this dish as Freya and I were busy brainstorming how to make things better on the boat with more storage and seating and this totally distracted me from getting dinner done on time. 

I’ll make this again. And I’ll concentrate next time!

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