Karnibahar Oturmasi – cauliflower with minced lamb

This dish – which I made a couple of weeks ago – really blew me away. 

It’s from Turkish Fire by Sevtap Yuce. A real find amongst all the mainstream cookery books out there. 

It’s very simple to make and tastes amazing. It also has the amazing Garlic Yoghurt as a dressing – which I can’t stop making!

The cauliflower is cooked until it is just tender, rolled in flour and dipped in egg before deep frying it to get a lovely golden colour. 

The minced lamb is quite simple. Fry some onions in oil, add diced tomatoes, green chillies, the minced lamb and parsley. Very simple and done in around 10 minutes. 

This recipe just proves that great tasting dishes can be very simple. 

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