My Daughter’s Enchanted Tree Cake

It’s my daughter’s 8th birthday in a week. I don’t tend to see her on her birthday and thought it would be nice to make her a fancy cake that we could share the week before.

We were planning on making her either a princess cake or a pink castle but she was far from keen. She loves animals so we plumped for this.


Like all novelty cakes, you have to start somewhere. This cake started off life as a 10 inch square Madeira cake. I marbled this one with dark chocolate. It baked beautifully with the requisite cracks (as instructed on Bake Off).

Not sure why some of the contestants on Bake Off struggled with something as basic as a Madeira cake. This was pretty straightforward.


Once the cake was cooled we chopped it into 4 squares, levelled it, and stacked it with thin layers of buttercream. From the offcuts we created the base of the tree.

Finally we smeared the whole thing in a fudge buttercream – ready for the fondant.


After mixing the right amount of red and green cake colouring together you eventually get a brown colour. This was then wrapped round the cake and it starts to take shape.

Bark marks are made with the back of a knife!

The face is made from offcuts of the brown fondant which are stuck on with edible glue.


When they are stuck you blend them into the trunk and add bark marks so the whole thing blends together nicely!

The addition of branches and roots that go into the ground, and the steps on the left make for a more realistic living tree trunk. They also make room for all the woodland animals.


A birds nest on the top of the trunk was the first of many creatures.

Next came the mouse in the mouth!

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