Veggiestan Waldorf Salad

Now here’s the only salad that I think you will ever need. From the Veggiestan cookbook, this was going to be a side for another dish but I decided it wouldn’t go so we had it as a meal on its own. 

I can’t praise this enough and can’t to wait to make it again this weekend. Simple to make. Great combinations of flavour and textures. And it looks great too. 

No two Waldorfs are ever the same, although they do typically have lashings of mayonnaise. This one doesn’t and substitutes it for yoghurt, which is obviously far better for you.

The Veggiestan Waldorf is very simple. Line a bowl with some nice crisp gem lettuce leaves, and then in a bowl combine chopped apple, celery, onion, cucumber, green pepper, walnuts with raisins, coriander and mint. To this mixture you add your dressing of yoghurt, apple cider vinegar, honey and some infused saffron. Finally tip your mixture between all the salad leaves.

This is quite amazing. I could eat this all day every day – and I think it would go with absolutely anything; BBQs, meat, fish, it’s a really good salad. Quite frankly you could just have it on its own. Its very satisfying.

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