Coriander Chicken with Preserved Lemon Bulgar Wheat, Griddled Broccoli and a Radish and Mint Salad

Freya’s parents went on holiday for a few days so we took the liberty of treating their house like our own.

Friday we had a nice BBQ with Freya’s brother and his girlfriend followed by an evening of Ru Paul and his new series Drag Race. 

Last night we were struggling to get any signal from any of their Sky channels but eventually landed on a cooking channel and Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals. 

It is often debated whether it can be done in 15 minutes – but I did. This dish was definitely done in 15 minutes – with bags of time to go dancing. 

Three pans on the go at once. All on top whack. Bash out a chicken breast until it is thinner, coat in coriander seeds and pan fry until done on both sides.

Boil a quartered broccoli head for a bit then chargrill it on all sides. 

Using the broccoli water boil the bulgar wheat with preserved lemons. 

While that’s all doing bash some radishes and some mint and mix with yoghurt. Pretty sure I remembered this bit wrong. 

Drain the bulgar wheat. Squish the preserved lemons through it. Slice the chicken. Serve. Easy. 

It really was easy and quick. And really tasty too.

I’ll get the book when I get paid. But for now it’s off to dancing. 

Quick meal. Quick blog post. 


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