Chinese Restaurant Style Lemon Chicken with Cardamon Basmati Rice

Here’s a nice simple low calorie meal I threw together in less than 39 minutes last night.

Freya and I don’t usually eat Chinese food. We fall firmly in the Indian, Middle East camp and tend not to eat wok style good. No real reason; maybe 10 years of going to the Chinese Cafe in Hatfield every Monday finally took its toll.

This recipe from The Superfood Diet is so low in calories that you won’t believe how big a portion you can have and stay under 500 calories. Freya couldn’t finish hers!

It was a very simple dish to make. Simply fry some ginger and garlic in a tiny amount of sesame oil, add some diced chicken that has been rolled in cornflour and brown lightly without burning the cornflour. Add water gradually and bring to a simmer before finally adding a mix of lemon rind, lemons, agave syrup and a stock cube.

It doesn’t get easier – 15 minutes max. The rice was done it about the same time.

Last but not least sprinkle some spring onions on top. I served mine with a few lime slices because I ran out of lemons!

We both loved this. And it left plenty of time for us to get up to date with this years Masterchef Australia. Go Reynold – (Spoilers!)

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