Gammon and Chestnut Tagliatelle 

I usually load myself up on chicken after I’ve had a session at the tattooist. I find I fall asleep from the three hours of constant needlework if I don’t load up on food. But today was an exception. I stuck to the diet and just had my regular diet replacement shake.

This evening while Freya tried on a new batch of clothes from ASOS to reward herself for her impressive weight loss – I put this together. And very quickly too. It only took 20 minutes to make. And I wasn’t even rushing.  The recipe is from delicious magazine by the way.

They don’t sell pappardelle pasta in Morrisons  so I subbed it for tagliatelle. It was close enough and still had the desired effect.

Very simply you fry a gammon steak that you have cut into lardon shapes, add an onion, some garlic, chopped chestnuts and cook a little longer. Then stir in some creme fraiche and some chopped parsley before combining it with your cooked pasta.

Like I said it was ready in 20 minutes; which included bringing the water for the pasta to the boil.  This is very tasty indeed. The chestnuts really made this dish. Really nice contrasts of textures and flavours.

Freya loved this; as did I. She loved it even more when you worked out it came in at less than 400 calories. What she loved even more was fitting into everything she bought from ASOS and not having to send anything back. She even fits into my jeans now.

Can’t argue with that now can you!

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