Where have you been!?

A picture of an Empty Plate

I’ve just realised I haven’t posted anything on this site since February. That’s pretty poor!

I have been cooking – but I haven’t been inspired by anything – and have been repeat cooking many of the things that I have previously posted and liked. I’ve cut back with the cookbook purchasing and have tried to get the boat in order – cooking was taking first place and it shouldn’t have!

On top of this I have started dieting to try and shift some of the excess pounds that are more than evident on our delayed honeymoon pictures in Morocco. Dieting for me means meal replacement shakes and a very light meal (sub 500 calories) in the evening and this seems to be paying off – but isn’t really much help for the blog.

Anyway – I must put this right. So today I resolve to reawaken the blog and get back into planning meals and cooking nice things. The extra bonus is the lighter evenings meaning I can take reasonable photographs rather than struggle in the dark.

Watch this space – tonight – Left Over Chicken Curry from the Guardian website.

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