My Kitchen

927951_707115999347753_1291181383_n (1)My kitchen is … very small – it’s on a boat after all. I have lots of gadgets but they are all in storage. The only electrical gadget I use now is a Nutribullet. My limited cupboard space is full of: oils, spices, brown rice, quinoa, nuts. Everything else I buy fresh – every day – as required.

My favourite piece of kit is … my knives. If you don’t have sharp knives then cooking isn’t fun. If chopping an onion has the potential to injure you – then go buy better knives! My Globals are amazing.

My diet comprises largely … wholefoods and plants – I hardly every eat meat; I don’t cook meat on the boat. If we go out – we might have a cheeky bit of chicken here and there!

My storecupboard staple is … nuts. Adding nuts to any salad creates an extra texture, making the salad more exciting.

When I’m starving I … toast some pumpkin seeds, add tamari and serve on top of a grated courgette. It’s quicker than making toast!

Everything is better when you … swap rice for quinoa, pearl barley, buckwheat or freekeh. The substitutes are nutritionally superior.

My best-kept kitchen secret is …  boiling cauliflower ruins it. Roast it after rubbing it in a little oil and cumin. Let it char. You’ll never boil cauliflower again.

I’m currently obsessed with … Moroccan and Middle Eastern food. We are going to Marrakech in April and food from that area inspired the choice.

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