The Art of Eating Well – Hemsley Hemsley

The Art of Eating Well - Hemsley Hemsley

Wow I haven’t cooked properly for a long time – and I certainly haven’t blogged for even longer.

It’s been way to hot to eat of late – and we’ve been snacking on very little more than wraps containing salad and either grilled halloumi, feta or paneer.

It’s also been really tricky to cook on the boat as the kitchen area hasn’t really been functional. But now it is so it’s full steam ahead (well no steam – it’s too hot!)

I stumbled upon this book by accident – one of my team also has the surname Hemsley and by chance I pasted his name into Amazon by accident and up came this book. It reminded me of the Honestly Healthy books (which I’ve reviewed here before) so I bought it on impulse. After all most of my cooks are now in store – so I need something to cook from! (that’s my excuse anyway).

This book follows a similar ethic to Honestly Healthy – cut down on gluten, reduce acid forming foods etc – but it uses a lot less of those specialised ingredients that almost all the Honestly Healthy recipes demand. Also there are some meat dishes in this book – which are absent from HH.

I’ve not scoured the book from front to back yet but three dishes that already have caught my eye are:

  • Papaya, Halloumi and Watercress Salad
  • Summer Lime Coleslaw
  • Pea, Peach and Goats Cheese Salad

All look very simple to make and I know I can get the ingredients now as they are all in season.

So watch this space for the recipes I make from this book – it looks like it’s going to be a good one!

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