Garlic Soup – Or How to be antisocial to your work colleagues


So how much garlic is too much garlic? 30 cloves? And as I’ve said before how big is an average garlic clove. And how strong. I used a combination of the Natoora Pink Garlic and the ‘Very Garlicky Garlic’ from Ocado – where you only get 5 cloves per bulb. So that’s 6 whole bulbs of garlic.

I kind of knew I might only ever make this recipe once. Prepping 6 bulbs of garlic is a faff in itself and it makes your hands stink. You just can’t wash the stuff off. Add to that theprepping of shallots and celery – and it all just takes a little bit too long.

30 garlic cloves finely sliced looks a bit like this… too much?

A Lot of Garlic

In fairness I started making this way too late in the evening so it’s my own fault. By the time it was ready there was no way I wanted to eat – so I went to bed and we had it for lunch the next day.

This Yotam Ottlenghi recipe is actually very tasty. The ‘stock’ has a good amount of white wine and it’s very easy to make. Well apart from all the prep. The key is to use a really good vegetable stock as there are so few ingredients so you want to get lots of alternate flavour to just Garlic!

You don’t cook it very long – you just bring it to the boil and simmer for 15 minutes. The green stuff is Bay leaves and fresh thyme.

Garlic on the Boil

The recipe is accompanied by a home made Harissa paste. Although I had all the ingredients I just didn’t have to time so I used some pre-made Rose Harissa that I had in the fridge.

The serving suggestion is to stir in a spoonful of the Harissa paste and a dollop of Greek Yoghurt. In the top picture I’ve broken up some Sour Dough bread and thrown it in.

There were some very concerned looks in our shiny new work kitchen. I think people were checking their calendars hoping they weren’t in a meeting with me this afternoon! Even Freya only had one bowl – so I finished the rest up. I think it was just a bit too controversial for her!

It’s very tasty and I’m sure it’s good for you but garlic soup is garlic soup. Eating it in the office probably wasn’t the best idea. I probably should have thought about Tuesday being Rock n Roll night.

I guess no-one is going to ask me for a dance tonight!


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