Roasted Tomato and Spinach Tart



This is one tasty tart, again taken from Honestly Healthy for Life.

We didn’t have a very nice pie dish so Freya improvised.

The crust of this tart is no more than some ground almonds, pumpkin and caraway seeds, herbs, seasoning and sunflower oil. It didn’t really maintain it’s integrity when you cut the tart. It looked pretty though. I think you could just as easily use the base as a ‘crumble’ topping and turn this into a pie – but I think it looks best this way.

The tart filling is tomatoes, spinach leaves and goats cheese. You’re supposed to quarter the tomatoes but we left them whole. The tomatoes could probably have done with some slow roasting the sweeten them up – but it was certainly yummy anyway.

It’s a delicious tart. I think I just have to work on making the crust more solid.

I didn’t get to eat it on the day it was made as I was poorly, but it tasted wonderful when I got to eat it the next day.



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