Roast Potatoes with mint, garlic and preserved lemon


Roast potatoes are essentially just roasted potatoes.

We don’t usually eat a lot of potatoes – as they are too carby and we are trying to lose weight – but we’ve been working hard on the boat so we deserved it.

This recipe is supposed to be made with baby potatoes but I didn’t have any – so I just used up some bigger ones – chopped them up into bite sized pieces and left the skin on. Roasted potatoes are so much tastier with the skin on.

This dish crazy simple. Just roast the potatoes in olive oil and while they are roasting, toast some garlic, tear some mint and slice some preserved lemon. When the potatoes are ready, mix in the other three ingredients and serve. 

This side was part of the three course Easter Lunch featured in the Telegraph’s Stella Magazine. It caught my eye because it was provided by Diana Henry of A Change of Appetite fame.


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