Orange Salad with Dates, Chillies and Preserved Lemons


This dish had potential but it failed for one simple reason. You need sweet ripe oranges. Mine weren’t sweet enough. They were actually pretty bland as oranges go.

I’ll probably give it another go as the concept was good. Sliced oranges, sliced dates, sliced preserved lemons and a red chilli – it should have worked. But I think the addition of orange blossom water made it a little bit too floral – and with the oranges not being sweet Freya felt it was a bit ‘soapy’!

This did take next to no time to make. Just slice up all the ingredients and serve it. 

The recipe came from ‘Flavours of the Middle East’ by Ghillie Basan. I don’t own the book – I’ve got way too many already. This book was featured in ‘Eat’ – The Times Magazine recipe section.

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