Red Beet Salad


We cook with beetroot (red beets) a lot. It’s not unusual for us to have several bunches on the go at once. To think that as a youngster I assumed you only got this out of a jar in vinegar is quite unbelievable.

It’s good to keep track of the times you eat beetroot. It does tend to colour ‘things’ a day later!

More importantly, if you are cooking with fresh beetroot you have to be prepared to get red splatters everywhere and to gradually discolour all your chopping boards! Definitely keep the book you are following well away from them!

We typically roast beetroot in a halogen oven – then peel it and add it to dishes but this dish is with raw beetroot.

If you are as unfortunate as I was – to get the smallest beetroots ever – you’ll find peeling them and julienning them to be very fiddly indeed. Bigger beetroot is better I think – although you can’t predict what will arrive in your online shop.

This dish is essentially beef tartare with the beef substituted for raw beetroot. The dressing has capers, cornichon, parsley, dijon mustard, olive oil and spring onions (scallions). The recipe suggests serving with hard boiled eggs – which is convenient given I had two left over from the Egyptian Bean Salad!

Looks beautiful doesn’t it! Marinate the beetroot in the dressing for a while and it’ll really come together beautifully.

This is a great salad – but it can get messy – so be careful and don’t wear your best T-Shirt!

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