Moroccan Carrots


If you – like me – always end up with a bag of carrots in your fridge then this is what you should make with them.

I love this – and it is so easy.

Boil and simmer some carrots and when they are tender drain them and let them cool right down. Then make the dressing which as just enough ginger and garlic to give you a bit of heat but not too much that it overpowers the carrots.

Mash the carrots a bit (I didn’t as I didn’t have a masher! – I just blitzed them for 5 seconds in a Magimix) and dress the carrots in the dressing and top with mixed olives, feta and coriander (cilantro in the book) and optionally some spring onion (scallions) and preserved lemons.

This really is a keeper – and I can’t imagine not having this every week. There’s loads left over too (there’s only the two of us) so we’ll have the rest for lunch at work.

Hopefully the dressing with infuse even more with the carrots and it’ll be even better!

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