Egyptian Breakfast Beans


I was going to hold off making this until the dried peeled fava beans arrived from but we happened to have a couple of tins of broad beans in our shop this week. I’m assured that fava beans and broad beans are the same thing but I’m not convinced.

Anyway I made this recipe without the slog of boiling the fava beans for an hour and it came out pretty good. You essentially boil up the beans until they start to fall apart, add garlic and olive oil and cook some more. Serving is simply spooning it in a bowl and garnishing with red onion, ripe tomatoes and hard boiled eggs. The dusting of toasted and ground cumin seeds really finishes the dish off.

I will make this properly when the dried fava beans arrive but the tinned beans variety wasn’t bad at all. Very filling and warming. We really like this kind of warm dish dressed with raw onions and chopped tomatoes. It’s like seasoning it with salt and pepper.

This took less than 30 mins to make but I did cheat with the tinned beans.

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