Turkish Spoon Salad with Haydari


What’s a Turkish Spoon Salad.

Well it’s a lot of fine chopping I can tell you.

Tomatoes, Romano Peppers, Red Chilli, Shallots and Cucumbers. All chopped and mixed with Harissa, olive oil and white wine vinegar.

After throwing in lots of mint and parsley this really does make a really fresh and tasty salad.

It was it bit spicy for my fiancé but I liked it that way.

The Haydari isn’t dissimilar to Labneh. It’s a kind of goats cheese you make with Greek yoghurt and lemon juice which you strain in muslin for 24 hours. Haydari is accented with dill, green chilli and sumac.

This is a very nice salad if you have time to make it and remember to get the Haydari on the day before.

Another keeper from Diana Henry

Right now to get ready for a night of Rock n Roll dancing!

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