Shelf of books


Do your cookery books just gather dust? Mine were. Now they are not!

I’m moving onto a boat soon and it dawned on me that there was no room for my cookery books. I have over 400!

My future mother-in-law probably has twice as many cookery books as me and they are also dust gatherers!

So a plan was this:

  • de-spine all my cookery books
  • scan them to PDF
  • toss the pages – or turn them into paper briquettes

Now, when you de-spine a cookery book you end up looking at every page of the book. And when you look at every page in a book you end up wanting to make things.

I love cooking, so I ended up selecting 10 things per week from de-spined books – and made them!

This blog will showcase the things I’ve made and the books they are in.

I hope you enjoy it.

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